Membee Updated – 18 New Features, Fixes and Enhancements Added – 05.15.10

A new build of Membee has been tested and posted to the production servers. We have dedicated this build to a shopping list of small items focusing on saving both users and members clicks, steps, and time. Highlights include:

  • Event & Attendee Parameters can now be set to “required” which will require the fields to be completed by a user completing an event registration
  • The popular Quick Search feature has been extended to the
    • Events page – search by Event name
    • Committees page – search by Committee name
    • Directory page – search by Directory name
  • The “type ahead” search on the Quick Event Sales form has been enhanced to bring it to the standard used elsewhere in Membee and now searches in both a person’s first and last name
  • The cursor no longer returns to the Quick Search field on the People & Organizations page following an edit to a member record

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