Server Patches Set to Happen July 14 Between 12 – 4 AM ET

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that while most Membee users are sleeping early Saturday morning, we’ll be doing some maintenance patches to server operating systems. While the maintenance window is declared for 4 hours from 12 AM – 4 AM ET (UTC -5) this coming Saturday, the update to each server will only take a few minutes followed by reboot.

During this time, Membee will be up and functioning normally so the only thing you may encounter is a brief delay while you’re switched to an alternate server.

As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on things as the updates are happening to make sure everything goes well. We’ll give Membee a thorough once over to make sure everything is good before taking the team out for a well-earned early Saturday breakfast. 🙂


Membee Support Team

Membee Help Desk Restored

Hi Everyone,

Here is what Zendesk posted 15 minutes ago:

“The mitigation measures have now rolled out. Please tweet if you are still seeing connectivity issues so we (Zendesk) can gauge effectiveness. We have put in place additional mitigation measures and expect the situation to gradually improve over the next hour. “

We have done some testing and the Help From the Hive knowledge base is fully accessible and indeed the flow of customer inquiries coming into Membee via the Help Desk appears to be back to normal.

A quick shout out to the Membee users who helped us to quickly test the Help Desk to make sure it was truly back to normal.

Once again, if you have any issue at all or find that you can’t access the Help Desk as normal, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.729.2962.405.

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience and rest assured that we will follow up with ZenDesk to debrief and thoroughly explore how this situation could be avoided in the future.


The Membee Support Team

Membee’s Help Desk is Unavailable

Hi Everyone,

At the present time, Membee’s Help Desk is unavailable to Membee users. While Membee’s functionality remains at 100% available, Membee users are currently unable to access Membee’s “Help From the Hive” knowledge base, chat with our staff via online chat, or submit a support question. Membee’s Help Desk provider is ZenDesk and posted the following:

“We (Zendesk) have received confirmation from our service provider that several of their customers including us are subject to a DDoS attack.”

What this means is that the Internet provider connecting Zendesk to the Internet is under attack from Distributed Denial of Service attack which is preventing access to online services like ZenDesk. We’re sure this is being addressed as quickly as possible but in the meantime, please contact us directly at 800.729.2962.405 if you have a Membee question or issue you need our assistance with.

We’ll post an update once more news from Zendesk is available.


The Membee Support Team