Membee Service Disruption Resolved

Hi Membee Users,

This issue seems to be resolved.

In working with the data center team as well external resources brought to assess and solve the situation, the root case was traced to one thing – database connections.

The symptoms that everyone was encountering were that Membee would run just fine one minute and the next thing you tried to do would not work. The underlying reason is that each of those tasks typically required a connection to your database and there was unreliability in establishing those connections. Very frustrating.

Changes were undertaken on two levels, first of all at the network level and in Membee itself. The purpose of these changes were to establish a fundamentally different methodology to establish these database connections. These changes were initially tested and then rolled out.

For the past 90 minutes, we have been monitoring both Membee’s performance as well as watching for the telltale errors that pointed earlier to this database connection issue. No issues have been discovered since the changes detailed above were put in place.

While our confidence grows in the solution that has been deployed, we continue to monitor both the hardware environment as well as Membee itself for any anomalies. Should you encounter any issue whatsoever, please contact us immediately at

We know that you rely on Membee and in the course of solving this immediate issue, other tangible changes were identified that will strengthen Membee and the environment it operates within even further. Preliminary work within then data center has already begun on this front.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this time and we deeply apologize for the disruptions

Membee Client Services