Server Update Required – Membee Will Be Offline for 2 Minutes Early Dec. 10

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes things can be too new. While the massive upgrade to Membee’s server infrastructure went off without a hitch this past weekend, it appears the normal updates to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 has introduced a minor issue. It looks like a required update from Microsoft to address a potential security vulnerability in the Windows Server 2012 operating system may prevent users from connecting with their copy of Membee if they are using the Google Chrome browser. Not all users accessing their copy of Membee using Chrome are affected. Weird.

Thankfully, Microsoft has re-released the update and we will be applying it to Membee’s web servers early on the morning December 10. At 5:15 AM EST (UTC -5), we will stop traffic to Membee and trigger a reboot of the web servers so the update can take effect.

The whole process will be done inside of 2 minutes.

We’ll then test Membee in Chrome and hopefully that addresses the issue for Membee users who like to use Chrome.

Follow the link below if you’re interested in the back story on this Microsoft update:


Membee Customer Service Team

Membee is Back Online – Data Center Upgrade Complete

Whew! That was a long night but everything is done. Membee came back online about 15 minutes ago.

We finished up about an hour early.

We completed our testing checklists and Membee seems to be running spendidly in its new home. Secondary testing will be completed throughout the rest of the day.

We’re hoping that you’re taking the weekend off but if you are working in Membee and encounter a problem, let us know right away by emailing the details to us at

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Membee Customer Service Team