Some Membee Clients Were Unable to Access Their Copy of Membee

Hi Everyone,

Membee is currently fully operational.

We have reports that a few client organizations were not able to get to their copies of Membee for about a 10 minute period at approximately 4:10 PM EST (UTC -5). During this time,  Membee was and continues to run at 100% and we have been able to access these unaccessible copies of Membee from other locations in North America. If this issue affected you, in essence, your copy of Membee was awaiting your requests but your requests could not get to it.

Even though this appears to be “upstream” from the data center and not to be a Membee issue, we are still looking into it (we’re paranoid) and we still want you to let us know if you cannot access your copy of Membee, no matter the reason.

Please email us right away at


Membee Client Services Team


Help Desk is Back to Normal

We just got the “all clear” from Zendesk that they found and resolved the issue and Membee’s Help Desk has returned to normal operation.

If you encounter any trouble accessing our Help Desk, please let us know by emailing us at

Thanks for your patience!

Membee Customer Service Team

Help Desk Update

Our Help Desk seems to be accessible now but we will be continuing to monitor it for any disruptions in service.

We will make another post once we are sure that Zendesk’s services have returned to normal.


Membee Customer Service Team

Membee’s Help Desk is Experiencing Issues

It looks like Membee’s Help Desk is currently inaccessible. Our Help Desk provider, Zendesk is on it.

We’re working with Zendesk and they are trying to determine what the issue is and as soon as they have an update, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, you can still contact us at


Membee Customer Service Team